Light Experiments: 4K/UHD Wallpapers
Free 4K / UHD Desktop Wallpapers based on some lighting experiments I have been performing lately in 3D software.
Digital Art, Visual Effects, Graphic Design
Freedom Mobile: Concept Store Design
Concept store design and production for Freedom Mobile - a cellular / telecommunications company in Canada.
Branding, Interior Design, Architecture
Art Direction, Graphic Design, Digital Art
This series of 3D neon illustrations was done for Format Magazine's Artist Invite on Ello.
Art Direction, Graphic Design, Digital Art
The Architecture of Light
Inspired by Dan Flavin's neon lights.
Digital Art, Graphic Design, Visual Effects
30 Minutes Or Less
Each of these projects were completed within 30 minutes of the start time. Great excuse to walk away from something you're not sure you'll ever finish! Mostly this was just an experiment learning new techniques in illustrator and playing around with my Wacom tablet.
Graphic Design, Illustration, Digital Art
VH Sauce: Skip These Ads
Advertising, Graphic Design, Art Direction
BUDDY: Cannabis Dispensary
Branding for a cannabis / marijuana dispensary
Branding, Art Direction, Packaging
Retail / Financial Work
Art Direction / Conceptual Development for a retail and financial corporation.
Art Direction, Advertising, Graphic Design
Young Lions 2017
Young Lions 2017 Print Competition
Art Direction, Graphic Design, Print Design
Healthy Choice - Simply: Healthy in 5
Art Direction & Photo Manipulation for a frozen food company. The food typography idea came about as a way to illustrate the frozen foods being ready in 5 minutes.
Art Direction, Advertising, Retouching
Summer Update
Digital Art, Graphic Design, Typography
(Not Even Close To) 36 Days of Type 2017
(A Poor Attempt At) 36 Days of Type 2017
Digital Art, Graphic Design, Typography
Café Boulud
Promotional work done for the relaunch of Café Boulud Toronto - a restaurant from Michelin-Starred chef Daniel Boulud.
Art Direction, Branding, Graphic Design
Resume / CV
New website and stationary package.
Art Direction, Branding, Graphic Design
David Suzuki Foundation: Reconnect with Nature
Creative campaign done for The Homegrown National Park Project - an initiative aiming to build more green spaces in the heart of downtown Toronto
Advertising, Art Direction, Graphic Design
Budweiser: Tackle Impossible
A campaign done for Budweiser and Brainstation's Tackle Impossible initiative - a hackathon in which participants try and come up with solutions to empower designated drivers.
Art Direction, Graphic Design, Web Design
The Brief: A Comedy Web Series
The Brief is a comedy-satire about an art director and a copywriter wading through the clichés of advertising culture. It's kind of like "Mad Men" meets "The Office"
Art Direction, UI/UX, Web Design
Creative Workout Series
In an effort to ramp up my creative development, I've started the (rather daunting) task of creating one project per day, for 52 weeks.
Art Direction, Digital Art, Typography
Bell - Let's Talk
Campaign done for a great cause - raising awareness of the issue of mental illness and eliminating the stigmas attached to this complex issue.
Advertising, Art Direction, Typography
The Early Work: 2004-2009
This is a collection of some of the digital art I produced in the early stages of my design career. Many of these were done for art collectives, but a few of these were just me experimenting with new techniques.
Art Direction, Digital Art, Visual Effects
Never Stop Improving
This piece began as an experimentation into 3D-modelled typography. Each letter was individually built, then compiled into the sentence you see below.
Art Direction, Digital Art, Typography
Sacred Geometry Series
Lately I've been working on a series of projects based around the theme of Sacred Geometry. This one focuses on the 5 platonic solids.
Art Direction, Digital Art, Graphic Design
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